Clients say remarkable things about the quality of our services and advice.


“I have been a client with David for many years and as a result of his excellent service, other family members are also now clients. A key attribute is the personal approach that is taken.

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This is reflected in a genuine interest in me and what is happening in my life and how to plan to reach my goals. No question or request seems an issue and I am always kept informed with the progress of things. Where there are options these are clearly articulated with the implications of decisions clearly explained.
The high level of customer service is also reflected in the staff at ICG and all my interactions are both pleasant and professional. I don’t feel anonymous within a large body of clients, rather I feel very much a person where a relationship is developed and respected. As a result, I trust the advice that David provides me which gives me peace of mind.”

Liz B

“A valued friend and long term ICG Financial Planning client first introduced us to David five years ago. At the time, our finances were in a complete disarray and our goals unmet, as we continued to work towards an endless grind with little outcome. We lacked clarity, optimism, trust and peace of mind.

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David’s experience and dependability was soon evident, and in a short time he was able to piece our complex financial structure into a seamless, well-oiled machine leading us to financial stability and security. For the first time we felt in control of our money, our goals became achievable and we were given permission to dream.

We now consider David as part of our team. Hand on our back guiding us through our daily transactions and towards our long term future prospects. His compassion calms our emotional attachment to our financial portfolio and his acute knowledge gets results.

Today we stand in a position of financial success. Through financial hurdles, change and progress, we always look to David and his efficient team at ICG Financial Planning before we act.”

Dr. Harry and Denise H.

“Since enlisting the services of David Pero and ICG, retirement planning has changed from something of a stressful chore to something which flows with ease.

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We feel confident that our finances are being well managed. We have found that David’s advice has been sound and accurate. We feel very well informed, financial material is clearly presented and we feel supported to make our own life choices. Good advice is given without pressure and without fear. We really like this positive approach, which is based on exploring options and coming up with customised solutions.

We particularly appreciate up to date guidance related to the frequent and complicated changes in legislation around superannuation. We appreciate the respect and courtesy we receive and the sense of being valued clients. There is a genuine interest in who we are and what is important to us. We are supported to the best possible financial position for our circumstances and our preferred way of living. We feel that it is possible to look forward to the years ahead with a sense of confidence and security. We would recommend ICG as highly professional with a very personal approach.”

Jane H. and Bruce A.

“David Pero is a knowledgeable and astute financial planner who we have had the pleasure of knowing, and have been benefiting from his expertise for almost 15 years now. Our decision to entrust our financial planning to David has stood us in excellent stead over the many stages of our family’s financial life.

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When we first met David we had a small windfall that we wished to invest but had no idea where to start and we were worried about making mistakes. David listened closely to us and got to know how we think and what is important to us and our goals in life.

We’ve learned so much from him and we have been educated on the many financial considerations than need to be taken into account when markets, products and legislation changes occur. We actually enjoy our meetings with David, knowing we are making sound decisions and now feel confident about our financial health thanks to David’s patience and guidance.

Over the years as our needs have changed, David has advised us wisely and clearly at every step of the way. From managing children’s education expenses, savings and investment strategies, retirement planning, self-managed superannuation fund set-up, guidance and now retirement and estate planning. David has given us confidence in our financial security and that of our family. We believe that thanks to David, we are financially secure and have the financial peace of mind to enjoy life to the fullest.”

Anthony W. and Irene P.

“After separating from my husband of many years, no financial support from him and a loss of assets, I didn’t know where to start or who to start with regarding my financial matters. I was exposed and on my own to support my child and I. A very dear girlfriend of mine introduced me to David over two years ago and stated categorically that I can trust him and he will help me. That he did.

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I looked to consolidate what I had, made new plans and ensured we set goals that could be achieved. At the same time, it was crucial that if anything happened to me, my family was protected. I needed someone I could trust to do the right thing by me and my family. This required a person who had a strong business understanding, but was also empathic to what I was going through.

Since then, David has helped me consolidate my finances, plan for clear achievable financial goals, and protection of my family if something happens to me. Also we are working on the achievement of my short term goals, whilst having a longer term vision that we are working towards each year. The best thing about David’s advice and service, is that it has been completely relevant to my specific needs and is achievable.

David has given me time back with family as he manages the things I am not good at and don’t want to do. Since taking David’s advice, I feel more confident, in control, comfortable and financially secure. I now feel better understood as a person and better understand my own finances. I’m very satisfied. After years of frustration of not making sound financial decisions, David was able to provide clarity both personally and financially. He has inspired me to evaluate all aspects of my life in greater detail and more importantly action change. This has resulted in financial gains in the first 12 months alone and a financial plan that is achievable and on track.

I absolutely, without doubt, recommend David and his team to anyone looking for sound financial advice. I completely trust the advice and support I have been given, which is very difficult to find. The team go above and beyond. It’s not just about business, but people’s livelihoods. This is the culture at ICGFP and I wouldn’t entrust anyone else with my wellbeing.

I cannot thank David and the team enough for getting me back on track both financially and personally after a very difficult period at a later stage of life. It is with the professionalism, up to date expert knowledge and the genuine care factor that I would highly recommend David and ICGFP worthy of my time and business.”

Rosa B.

“David Pero and his team were introduced to me around 10 years ago via my accountant. At that time, I was seeking an reputable financial adviser who could assist us with my complicated financial affairs and provide simple, clear direction amidst the complexity of an ever-changing, financial regulatory environment.

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I had previously used institution-based advisers; however, I felt that the advice provided was often one-dimensional and biased towards their particular product offerings, not embracing my total needs. As a busy and successful medical professional, I needed specialised advice and required someone who understood and had expertise in my relevant financial requirements such as trust structures, asset protection, estate planning and business succession planning.

David’s advice and guidance in collaboration with my other advisers (Accounting, Banking and Legal), has now implemented a plan and structures that have streamlined our arrangements and will better achieve our goals. David’s ability to work alongside our accountants, solicitors and bankers speaks to his professionalism and industry experience.

Even more so now, with small school-age children, planning for our future has become paramount to our financial well-being; as a family we are now feeling more in control and relaxed, with a greater sense of financial security, knowing that the right structures are in place. David took the time and made the effort to understand us and how we think and has really been great at addressing our future needs. His guidance and patience has helped us tremendously and has given us great comfort in knowing that we now have a sound financial plan that is being implemented.

I have already previously recommended David’s services to my friends, family members and associates and they have all been thrilled with his services to address their financial planning needs.

I have no hesitation in continuing to introduce him to my colleagues, family and friends.”

Dr Frank B.

“After years of procrastinating with our finances we finally decided to talk to a financial planner. A work colleague recommended David from ICG Financial Planning. From the outset, David understood our situation and was able to provide and deliver financial advice that specifically tailored to our both our immediate (personal security) and long-term (children’s education) goals. We have been more than impressed with the performance of our investment portfolio over the last 3 years.

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This was none more evident than during the Global financial turmoil where our returns remained strong despite the downward pressures on financial markets. Furthermore, David’s commitment in ensuring we are on the right financial track has been impeccable. Just as financial markets are fluid, David consistently re-assesses our financial plan to ensure it is providing us with the most effective options available for our situation. Our only gripe is that we did not approach David earlier!! David has provided us with a sense of security regarding our financial future which we could not have achieved on our own. We are confident of achieving our financial goals under David’s expert guidance.”

Nadia G. & Mark W.

“I moved my Superannuation Funds from my previous adviser to David Pero’s Capstone Financial Planning Pty Ltd in 2009, after suffering losses from the GFC, and lack of attention from my previous advisers. Immediately, I found David to be very approachable, proactive, and always helpful when I have had any queries, and his method of doing business has not changed since then. I have found David to be very knowledgeable re my Fund, and financial matters, and I feel I am obtaining the best advice and guidance for my Super possible.”

Ian R.

ICG Financial Planning Melbourne